S.No.Notice TitleDATE OF NOTICESView
1 In the matter of Renu Creations Pvt Ltd (In Prov. Liqn.) - CP 657/2013 - Handbill of Moveable Assets - reg14-02-2019 View
2 Hand Bill with regard to moveable assets of M/s Tecon Projects Pvt Ltd (In Prov. Liqn) -- CP No. 408 of 201112-02-2019 View
3 Hand Bill with regard sale of Moveable Assets of M/s Tulip Telecom Ltd (In Prov. Liqn.) - CP No. 329/13 01-02-2019 View
4 In the matter of Sat Consultants Pvt Ltd (CP No. 541/2015) -- Sale of Moveable Assets23-01-2019 View
5 Sale notice of moveable assets of M/s Fore Square Retail Pvt Ltd (In Prov. Liqn.) - CP No. 95/201117-01-2019 View
6 In the matter of Koutons Retail India Ltd (In Liqn.)-CP No. 329/2011 16-01-2019 View
7 Sale Notice of Moveable and Immovable Assets and Notice to secured creditors / workers / shareholders to prove their claim -- In the matter of M/s Prime Resins Pvt Ltd (In Liqn.) -- CP No. 429/2003 - reg09-01-2019 View
8 Notice for inviting claim from creditors and workman -- In the matter of M/s Koutons Retain India Ltd (In Prov. Liqn) -- CP No. 329/201124-12-2018 View
9 Sale notice of moveable assets of M/s Insultek Engineering Pvt Ltd -- CP No. 81/199419-12-2018 View
11 M/s Lumax Automotive System Ltd (In Liqn) -- Sale notice of moveable / immovable assets -- CP 829/201626-11-2018 View
12 in the matter of M/s PSG Developers and Engineers Ltd (In Liqn.) for submitting claim 22-11-2018 View
13 Sale notice of M/s Global Brands Enterprises Solutions Pvt Ltd in C.P. No. 474/2013 20-11-2018 View
14 In the matter of M/s A.G. Aerovision Electronics Pvt Ltd (In Prov. Liqn.) CP No. 112/201416-11-2018 View
15 In the matter of SHOP ONLINE TRADING PVT. LTD. IN C.P. NO. 869/201512-11-2018 View
16 In the matter of Global Brands Enterprises Solutions Pvt Ltd(In Liqn.)05-11-2018 View
17 In the matter of Delta Comnet Private Ltd (In Prov. Liqn.) 02-11-2018 View
18 Hand Bill for sale of moveable assets of M/s Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd (In Prov. Liq.) -- CP No. 985/201630-10-2018 View
19 Empanelment of private security agency for the Office of Official Liquidator, Delhi 30-10-2018 View
20 AMC for anti Termite treatement and pest control 30-10-2018 View
21 AMC of Computers and Hardwares in the office of Official Liquidator, Delhi26-10-2018 View
22 Empanelment of Chartered Accountant26-10-2018 View
23 Empanelment of Advertising Agency26-10-2018 View
24 notice for Annual Maintenance Contract of Matrix EPABX installed in the office of Official Liquidator, Delhi. 24-10-2018 View
25 Fresh empanelment of Valuers for the office of Official Liquidator, Delhi23-10-2018 View
26 Sale Notice of Wings Wear Pvt Ltd (In Liqn) 12-10-2018 View
27 Sale notice of Insultek Engineer Pvt Ltd (In Liqn) 09-10-2018 View
28 Sale notice of Suman Prakashan Pvt Ltd (In Liqn)08-10-2018 View
29 Sale notice of Naftogaz India Pvt Ltd (in Liqn)03-10-2018 View
30 In the matter of M/s Naftogaz (India) Private Limited (In Liqn.)26-09-2018 View
31 In the Matter of Naftogaz India Pvt. Lts. (in liquidation)27-09-2018 View
32 In the Matter of Four Square Retails Pvt. Ltd. 19-09-2018 View
33 Pesto Chem Sale Notice17-09-2018 View
34 In the Matter of Rockland Leasing LTD.11-09-2018 View
35 In the Matter of P.R.J Enterprisers Ltd 11-09-2018 View
36 In the Matter of Shaurya Housing limited 29-08-2018 View
37 Koutons Retails Sale Notice14-08-2018 View
38 Notice for AMC of Computers and Hardware 07-08-2018 View
39 In the matter of Berry Sons Pvt. Ltd. (in Liquidation)27-07-2018 View
40 In the matter of Gwalior Transmissions Ltd (in Liquidation)27-07-2018 View
41 In the Matter of Mittal fertilizers Ltd.(in Liquidation)27-07-2018 View
42 Notice of report for rejection of claim by the committee appointed by this Hon’ble Court with the reasons.20-07-2018 View
43 In the matter of M/s Mittal Fertilizer Private Limited (In Liqn.)20-07-2018 View
44 In the matter of M/s Accent Shoes Private Limited (In Liqn.)14-07-2018 View
45 In the Matter of M/s Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd.04-07-2018 View
46 CIRCULAR25-06-2018 View
47 In the Matter of Green city Buildtech Ltd. (in Liquidation)19-06-2018 View
48 In the Matter of Velvet Apple Hotels Pvt. Ltd.HANDBILL15-06-2018 View
49 In the matter of NITL Mutual Benefits India Ltd (In Liqn.)Hindi Format01-05-2018 View
50 In the matter of NITL Mutual Benefits India Ltd (In Liqn.)01-05-2018 View
51 In The Matter of Koutons India Ltd.(in Liquidation)17-04-2018 View
52 Sale Notice in the matter of independent mobile infrastructure pvt. ltd.(in liquidation)03-04-2018 View
53 Sale notice in the matter of Hoffland finance ltd.(in Liquidation)03-04-2018 View
54 In the matter of Toyin Woodcrafts Pvt. Ltd.26-03-2018 View
56 Sale Notice for Hoffland Finance Limited24-01-2018 View
57 In the Matter of Hoffland Finance limited 24-01-2018 View
58 Notice Inviting Claims 10-01-2018 View
60 OKARA AGRO SALE NOTICE 10-01-2018 View
61 Okara Sale Notice 14-11-2017 View
62 Sale Notice : In the matter of Independent Mobile Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.31-10-2017 View
63 In the Mateer of Scientific Security Cash Management Services Pvt. Ltd.31-10-2017 View
65 Sale Notice of M/s Independent Mobile Infrastructure Private Limited (In Liqn.) 23-10-2017 View
66 Sale Notice for C.P. No. 455/199703-10-2017 View
67 Sale Notice/ Hand Bill with terms and conditions of Delco Precitone Jewellers Ltd.( In Liqn.) 11-08-2017 View
68 Scheme for engagement of Advocates-201703-07-2017 View
69 Applications for engagement of Advocates03-07-2017 View
70 A vacancy circular reg. Stenographers isenclosed01-06-2017 View
71 In the matter of M/s Eco Tech Apparels Private Limited26-05-2017 View
72 SAMMI SOUND HAND BILL 10.03.201729-03-2017 View
73 ADVERTISMENT OF PETITION C.P.NO. 835 OF 201623-02-2017 View
74 C.P.NO. 884 OF 201623-02-2017 View
75 ADVERTISMENT OF PETITION C.P.NO. 835 OF 201614-02-2017 View
76 Gifford India Private Limited25-11-2016 View
77 Notice for fresh empanelment of Chartered Accountants in the office of Official Liquidator03-11-2016 View
78 Notice inviting applications for empanelment of Mediators/ concilators07-10-2016 View

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